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Catalogue Raisonné of Carlos Cruz-Diez

July 01, 2011
Catalogue Raisonné of Carlos Cruz-Diez

The Cruz-Diez Foundation is currently working on its priority project: the Catalogue Raisonné
of Carlos Cruz-Diez.

Aiming to classify and retrace the history of the artist’s work, this long-term project requires
a meticulous investigation and documentation process in order to authenticate every artwork.

Providing art lovers with a new focus on Cruz-Diez’s artistic journey, this project will also give
essential information on public and private collectors’ patrimony. 

We invite the owners of works by Carlos Cruz-Diez or anyone having information concerning
his works to contact the Cruz-Diez Foundation:

by emailing us to
or by mailing to  
Cruz-Diez Foundation
23 rue Pierre Sémard
75009 Paris
Our team will be at your disposal to indicate you how to contribute to this project.
Please note that all the provided information is confidential and your optional request
for anonymity will be honored.