The collection of the Cruz-Diez Foundation is comprised of the artist’s original works. The pieces, as a whole, make up a coherent and representative sample of the researches that Cruz-Diez did around color since 1954 between Caracas, Barcelona, and Paris.


the 1950s

the 1950s In 1954, Carlos Cruz-Diez created a series of mural projects in an effort to... read more

addition chromatique

addition chromatique The Additive Color is based on the irradiation of color; that is, on the... read more


physichromie Physichromies are a light trap; a space where colored screens interact to... read more

induction chromatique

induction chromatique Chromatic Inductions are closely related to the phenomenon of post-image,... read more


chromointerférence When Chromatic Event Modules are superimposed on the plane, they create a... read more


transchromie Transchromies evolved from the superimposition of a structure consisting of... read more


chromosaturation Chromosaturations are artificial environments consisting of three... read more


chromoscope The Chromoscope is a device to be carried around, like a telescope. It is... read more

interactive experience

interactive experience According to the participative concept in the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez, the... read more

Didactic and dialectic

Didactic and dialectic Exhibition composed of 48 serigraphs by which Carlos Cruz-Diez explains his... read more