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The Cruz-Diez Foundation is an organization committed to preserving, developing, exhibiting, and researching the artistic and conceptual legacy of Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the twentieth century’s seminal thinkers in the field of color.  


We believe that the arts are the finest communication system ever invented by mankind. Our goal is to stimulate and nurture the kind of intellectual inquiry that leads to new forms of expression.


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Exhibition "Color Espacial"


The Centro Cultural Niemeyer (Spain) and the Cruz-Diez Foundation present "Color
Espacial", a chromatic dialogue between the visitors and the chromatic environment created
by Carlos Cruz-Diez.

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video - exhibition

video - exhibition

The exhibition Carlos Cruz-Diez: Circumstance and Ambiguity of Color is a pedagogical sample that evidences the artist’s proposal: the AUTONOMOUS COLOR, as an ephemeral and evolving reality, devoid of symbolism.


With this video, listen to the artist speak about the importance of this pedagogical exhibition.


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Cruz-Diez on the Apple Store

Cruz-Diez on the Apple Store

The Cruz-Diez Foundation launches “Interactive Random Chromatic Experience”
for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Enter Carlos Cruz-Diez’s creative world and get to experience color phenomena by using his language and tools.

A trial version gives you free and limited access. By purchasing the full version of the application, you can play with more shapes and colors and send your Cruz-Diez interpretation by e-mail.

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Virtual Tour of the Cruz-Diez retrospective


For those who missed the exhibition "Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color in Space and Time",
which remained for five months at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH),
the Foundation produced this virtual tour.


In 2011, The Cruz-Diez Foundation and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston,
presented a large-scale retrospective of Carlos Cruz-Diez to celebrate sixty years
of the artistic production of this central figure of contemporary art. 

They joined forces to bring together more than 150 artworks, many of which
belong to the permanent collection of the Foundation.



Catalogue Raisonné

Catalogue Raisonné


The Cruz-Diez Foundation is currently working on its priority project: the Catalogue Raisonné of Carlos Cruz-Diez.


This publication aims to assemble rigorous and comprehensive information about the artist’s works.
We invite the owners of works by Carlos Cruz-Diez or anyone having information concerning them to contact us at
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